Other than hosting resource-demanding websites, there is one more reason to obtain a virtual or a dedicated server of your own - to launch your hosting company. This is an ever expanding business, since a growing number of people and businesses start their web presence, which means that they need hosting space and a domain name. If you have a hosting server, you can generate website hosting package deals and sell them, so that you can not only cover your own expenses if you host your own Internet sites on the server as well, but you can also make a very good profit by running a successful business. What you need for that is a server, billing software, which will be the connection between the reseller website and your web space, plus a business account with a payment processor such as PayPal or 2CheckOut, so as to be able to receive online payments. The benefit from reselling server space over the use of a standard reseller program is that your customers will have a lot more system resources and you can set up the server-side software that their Internet sites may need in order to function properly. The aforementioned will not be possible with a shared website hosting reseller program, as you'll have specific restrictions in this regard.

Reselling Options in VPS Web Hosting

When you acquire one of the powerful virtual private servers packages which we offer, we will ensure that it is really easy for you to launch a reseller business. We supply two website hosting Control Panels which will enable you to do it - cPanel and DirectAdmin. They both have a reseller and a client level, which means that you are able to make package deals and start selling them in no time. For all the cPanel-equipped servers, we also provide a complimentary domain reseller account with eNom, one of the most significant domain name providers in existence, that will save you the cash that you will need to deposit should you register with them straight away. What is more, we'll give you the powerful ClientExec - a multifunctional payment and support solution that works with all major payment processors. It will enable you to generate invoices, to set package deal prices and to offer ticket support to all of your clients easily. All of the VPS packages come with full root-level access, which gives you full control of the server and will allow you to launch and maintain a profitable hosting reseller business.

Reselling Options in Dedicated Servers Hosting

The dedicated server plans that we supply will enable you to launch your own hosting company quickly. They provide sufficient processing power, physical memory and disk space to support a a really large number of customers, whatever the type of websites they run. You'll also have root access to the server, so you'll be able to add any server-side application. Our packages feature three separate web hosting Control Panels and two of them - cPanel and DirectAdmin, are suitable for your new website hosting company, due to the fact that they have two separate levels - client and reseller. When you order the server with cPanel, we will also give you a domain name reseller account along with a billing/support solution called ClientExec for free, which means that you will be fully independent and you'll have full control over what's going on with the server and with the customers' Internet sites. If you'd like to use a different approach, on the other hand, DirectAdmin will enable you to have resellers of your own who can take care of finding the end customers, while they pay for the reseller plan.